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2019 Real Estate Industry Association Sales & Marketing, and Property Management Training Courses

The Real Estate Industry Association is pleased to advise that courses focused on real estate sales & marketing and property management skills will be held in October 2019 at the Crown Hotel in Port Moresby.

(PORT MORESBY: Monday October 2019 - Friday October 2019)

Anyone interested in attending should contact the Secretary.

The courses will be presented by Mr Malcom Riley and will be based on Real Estate Institute of Queensland (REIQ) course material adapted to apply to the PNG real estate environment.

Details of the courses being offered are available on our web site under the menu item -


Numbers are limited and preference will be given to Association Members if demand is high.

Contact the Secretary to obtain a place in the course

Course Fees:

Fees applicable for each Course are as shown on the Course Application Form found in the "Training" Section of this web site.




As provided for in the Constitution the Associate Members have a Standing Advisory Committee which should meet regularly and should advise the Association Committee on matters concerning the Real Estate Industry.

The Committee person to handle this has not yet been appointed but that will be attended to at the next Committee Meeting.



REIQ and REIA sign MOU

Memorandum of Understanding


On September 3rd 2003 the Presidents of the Real Estate Institute of Queensland and the Real Estate Industry Association of Papua New Guinea signed an MOU forging a link between the two real estate industry groups. REIA President Mike Quinn met with REIQ President Mark Brimble at the REIQ offices in Brisbane where the Agreement was signed.

The MOU enables Members of the REIA to gain access to the REIQ and its resources and treats the PNG REIA Member the same as if they were a full Member of the REIQ.

The REIQ CEO, Mr Don Mc Kenzie, also joined the signing ceremony and informal discussions regarding our respective organisations were held. Mr McKenzie issued a warm welcome to REIA Members and invited them to make use of the facilities that were available. The resources and training capabilities of the REIQ are vast and of an exceptionally high standard and the REIA is extremely grateful to the REIQ for their kind offer to allow REIA members full access to their organisation. Further discussions will be held to see if it may be possible to have a training seminar for REIA Members with REIQ assistance before the end of the year.

A copy of the MOU follows:


Between THE REAL ESTATE INSTITUTE OF QUEENSLAND LIMITED (hereinafter referred to as REIQ), a representative organisation incorporate in Queensland, Australia, and the REAL ESTATE INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION INC. OF PAPUA NEW GUINEA, a non-profit making organisation operation under the laws of Papua New Guinea, (hereinafter referred to as REIA)

A. REIQ is the professional association of Queensland real estate agents established for the purpose of promoting the growth and development of the real estate industry in Queensland so as to enhance its contribution to economy and the public benefit.

B. REIA is an association established for the key purpose of promoting the growth and development of the real estate industry in Papua New Guinea so as to enhance its contribution to the economy.

C. REIQ and REIA (hereinafter referred to as the "Co-operation Associations"),
desire to become associated with each other by entering into this Memorandum of
Understanding, the purpose of which is to provide for exchange, representation, education and other mutual benefits by:

· promoting the promulgation or adoption of a mutually acceptable code of ethics, the advancement of a high standard of practice, and the enforcement of professionalism in the real estate industry;

· seeking to facilititate business opportunities for members of the Co-operation Associates who may be working together in each other's markets;

· exchanging, on an annual basis, current information on the state of real estate markets, real estate procedures, relevant licensing, tax, and foreign investment laws, and association facts;

· initiating and hosting trade missions and networking opportunities between and among members of the Co-operating Associations;

· co-ordinating and promoting the offer and interchange of products, services and educational courses of the Co-operating Association;

· promoting and protection trademarks, copyrights and all other forms of intellectual property owned by the Co-operating Associations;

· promoting the ideals of property ownership and occupational rights in national and international forums; and

· co-operating for all other purposes which are mutually beneficial to REAA and REIQ.

D. REIQ agrees to provide the following assistance to REIA:

· Provide copies of documents that will assist REIA to establish its association policies and procedures e.g. Constitution, By-Laws, Code of Ethics, disciplinary procedures, office manuals etc.

· Allow REIA members to participate in REIQ activities conducted in Queensland such as the annual RealBiz conference, seminars and training on the same terms and conditions as REIQ members.

· Provide training courses and seminars in Papua New Guinea for REIA members as requested by REIA at REIA's cost and subject to availability of reasons.

Mr. Michael Quinn, President
For and on half of the Real Estate Industry Association Inc. of Papua New Guinea

Mr. Mark Brimble, President
For and on behalf of The Real Estate Institute of Queensland Ltd.




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